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and as we look from our tower cam, the d.c. area is under a drought watch. officials are calling on everyone to limit the water use and to use a commercial car wash that recycles water, reduce your showers to under five minutes if possible. every little bit helps, folks. thanks for being with us. i'm steve cheveney. >> i'm allison seymour. tony perkins has a look at today's forecast and that all important weekend. >> good morning and it's -- it's friday. we have changes coming and looks like we will get some -- hi there, folks. was i not good enough? >> you were not needed anymore. >> you will reject it. >> here are your weather headlines, the feel of fall. highs in the upper 70s, and temperatures in the 50s tonight. if you're out and about, you will need a jacket with you and igor, tropical storm igor way
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out in the atlantic and wakens for now. we're not going to worry about that and we'll tell you later. showers late saturday and during the day, the first half of the day on sunday. here are your current temperatures around the region. we're at 61 degrees here in washington and 62 now. updated and 60 annapolis; 64, gaithersburg. most of you in the 50s, 52, monasses; 62, quantico and frederick at 57 degrees. the forecast for today looks like this, mostly sunny, comfortable and pleasant with a high of 78 degrees. joe go to julie wright for the for that traffic. >> slowing in virginia and up to 66, slowing down on braddock road. the crew and checking out the ride. we had an earlier crash north of 66. the accident activity out of the way in the strike safety zone. all lanes are open as you work
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northbound on 495 and headed to tyson's corner and leaving 236 to 66 and 66 itself briefly and this is 234. again, as you work between 50 and 123 and after nuttily street to the beltway and 95 on the breaks -- brakes in woodbridge and 395 here with the lanes open and no problems to report as you work south capitol street at the douglas bridge and on 295, on the bridge, that is where we had a crash tieing up the right lane. the outer loop is slow, 95 to georgia, southbound 270 and not bad here in rockville. the top side, that is where we had delays at 109 and 118. that is a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. from california this morning, a fire ravaged a neighborhood in san bruno, south of san francisco. one death already attributed to the flames and it's because of
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a possible gas explosion. >> reporter: this massive explosion spread like wildfire through this neighborhood and the hot was so intense, some people said you could feel it. the fire continues to burn and 50% contained. the explosion shook homes in san bruno outside of san francisco and with flames engulfing the street incinerating 53 homes, damaging 123 others. the ruptured gas line is to blame and the gas company is investigating what caused the rupture. hundreds of firefighters continue to battle the blaze through the night. hospitals say 20 people were brought in with severe burns, one person is dead and unclear how many more are missing. when firefighters arrived, the flames made it difficult to reach the gas line and shut it off. >> it's obviously a high- pressure gas line. we could not get close to the line until they could shut down
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that pipe. currently, they shutting down distribution lines. we have residual in the gas lines and at the last briefing, we were not able to access the area fully. >> people in that neighborhood said they smelled the natural gas over the past few weeks and it's unclear if it's connected to the fire and explosion at all. the blast blew out the waterlines in this neighbor so firefighters had to get water from more than two miles away. search-and-rescue teams will be going through the neighborhood, but firefighters say that they won't be able to a full search until later this afternoon to account for others messing. >> thank you and we have leave streaming video on the website. go throughout the morning, if you like. you can find the link at the top of the home page. and to another fire near boulder, colorado, where wind gusts continue to hamper firefighter efforts here. more than 170 buildings were burned, 10 square miles of land
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has been burned so far and authorities briefly lifted the evacuation of certain neighborhoods yesterday but enough for some residents to grab belongings and go back in. the fire is 30% contained say officials. >> we're getting more reports of a deadly protest in afghanistan against the plans to burn the q'uran in florida. thousands of protestors threw rocks at a bias in afghanistan and one was shot and killed, coming as anger continues to build across the muslim world against a florida preacher's plans to burn copies of the muslim's holy book tomorrow. pastor jones is headed to new york. here's the latest. >> reporter: plans for a fiery florida pastor to burn cops of the corn to market anniversary has been suspended and not called off. the pastor jones of gainesville, florida, will instead fly to new york and try
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to convince the i man who wants to build a mosque in grouping to move it to another like. >> they were willing to either cancel the mosque at the grouping location or if they were willing to move that like and we would consider that a 69 from god. >> however, the imam said he hasn't spoke to faster jones and plans to move the mosque are untrue. in a statement, he said we're not going to toy with our religion or any other nor are we going barter. we're here to extend our hands and build piece peace and harmony. the obama administration is stepping in as robert gates placed a call expressing his concern. religious tolerance will be part of the more way. >> i want to send a message today for the muslim world that
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the united states still and will always be the place where people of all faiths and all colors can co-exist in peace that the right of muslims in this country are respected. >> reporter: pastor jones hopes imam ralph will listen to what he has to say. >> the american people don't want the mosque there and, of course, muslims don't want us to burn the q'uran. >> reporter: moving the mosque away from ground zero will be an attack on islam and will encourage al qaeda and other groups to recruit more terrorists. mary ann rapheerty, fox news. >> and the controversy takes another turn. donald trump made an offer to buy the state cyte where the mosque is to be built for $6 million if they're throg relocate it at least five blocks from young. that is 25% higher than proposed developers paid last year. an attorney for one of the investors called trump's offer a cheap publicity stunt. the department of homeland
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security janet napolitano will be at grouping in new york as ceremonies begin to honor the 9th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. tomorrow, president obama will spend part of the anniversary at the pentagon and first lady michelle obama will be in in pennsylvania and she'll be joined by the former first lady laura bush. and president barack obama is preparing for his first live news conference since may and is going to get tough questions on the white housefo toke -- to focus on the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the controversial q'uran burning in florida. you can see it streaming live on the president is going to introduce his new head of the economic team as well and he's taking over for christina romer as chairman of the president council of economic adviser, one of three economists who will be advising the president.
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the announcement comes as president obama is under pressure to show that he's focussing on this sluggish economy. new this morning, an apartment fire forced's few families into d.c. overnight. a mattress caught on fire inside a unit and this is before 2:00. nobody was hurt. the red cross was able to help the eight people displaced. driver who caused a crash in the district was drunk. adams jumped off the road, hit two women and slammed the vehicle into a restaurant wednesday night. her blood alcohol level was reportedly two times the legal limit. both victims suffered serious injuries. a judge ordered adams not to drive and to not drench alcohol and she has a curfew imposed as l. a metro access driver is arrested after a customer claims that he sexually assaulted her. samuel kingston is employed by a subcontractor that uses
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metro. the victim said he sexually assaulted her august 27th in montgomery county, arrested on sunday charged with third- and fourth-degrees sex offense and second-degree assault. metro could have a problem with some of the buses after a fire on the beltway yesterday, pulling 99 buses from service as the precaution this morning. the head of safety said passengers were on the bus that cal fire on the beltway near springfield and quickly put out and no one got hurt. the agency is checking 99 diesel bus et cetera to see if hydraulic pumps would cause a fire. 10 minutes past the hour and coming up next, tomorrow marks 9 years since the september 11th attacks and the q'uran controversy brought more discussions about religion, specifically islam as it relates to this anniversary. and as we go to break, a live look outside. we'll check in with tony and looks like sunshine delays out there. he has the forecast and the latest on traffic. all coming up next. seven 10time now. and also ahead, the countdown to the redskins season opener is on now and get
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it out. >> yes, go ahead. >> and continues with the not kickoff verses the cowboys and dave ross is joining us after the break. coming up later in this hour. >> who did kill jr? >> oh, he didn't die, right, right.  today is the day i double down. [ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
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>> all right, the latest on this developing story from california. a fire has been burning now for quite awhile outside of san francisco. turns out a gas line explosion might be to blame and a utility company said the high pressure- gas line blew after 6:00 last night sparking a fire that has claimed one life already and more than 50 homes. well over 100 other homes have
7:15 am
been damaged. at this point, the fire spread over 10 acres and is just about half contained and we have more video of this fire at you can watch it there and, of course, when you look at the pictures,tony, the big difference between that and the wildfires, it's in the middle of the neighborhood. >> the pictures are extraordinary and don't do justice on what is going on the ground there. that is amazing. luckily for us, we have calm conditions, i stepped outside and a beautiful morning, valley pretty. a couple of clouds out there and a lot of clear skies, comfortable temperatures and going to be a great day today and tomorrow as well and let's look at the almanac. yesterday's high temperatures, we're in the 70s at reagan national airport, we got to 81 degrees. dulles and bwi marshal made it up to 79 degrees and that is slightly below normal and reagan national at 81 and that is -- for the day and it was a normal temperature. right now, d.c., 62 degrees at
7:16 am
reagan national. 58%. winds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour and gusting to 20 miles an hour. the barometric pressure is on the rise. he's a look at the surface map. first of all, the big h and that is high pressure in control for today and giving us sunny conditions and a few more clouds. by late saturday night and sunday, a front comes through. the area of low pressure tracks by and brings us some rainfall. right we think the rain is late side night into the first half of sunday andsha what we think. this is your five-day forecast, high today, and 78 degrees, mostly sunny. tomorrow, suddeny and 79 and a glorious day. sunday, clouds and rain and we need the rain and we think we'll get the rain out of here in time for the redskins game against the cowboys at fed ex field where the redskins are going to win. >> yeah. >> and on monday and tuesday, sunshine and highs in the low 80s. >> also, hampton versus howard, a big rivalry.
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>> and there you go. >> that is near and dear to your heart. and that is right. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the 757. that is right. on the roads, you will find lanes are open with no incidents to report in new york avenue and we have a delay here through the traffic lights and to the third street tunnel and again, no incidents were reported if you're travelling on route 50, the traffic is going into northeast washington and 295. reported at suitland parkway cleared and lanes are opened there and there are no trouble spots. 95 to georgia avenue. so far, the inner loop's behaving nicely and this is the sun. anticipate delays through college park and green belt. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. tomorrow marks the 9th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. it's a time of reflection and realization of where we stand today when it comes to religion and politics 9 years later.
7:18 am
joining us now is dr. john fiorina, professor of religious studies and politics and author of "beauty for ashes, spiritual reflections on the attack on america." always good to see you, thank you for being with us today. >> good morning, allison. >> you wrote this book after the 9/11 attacks, a couple of months later. what was the feeling then and what did you find when we look in your book right now? >> we compiled reactions immediately after the attacks and, remember those days. there were a number of feelings. one was a sense of shock that this keep of evil could be unleashed on us. disbelief. where do they hate us, who are they the second was a sense of solidarity and suffering. remember those times around the world, again and againing we're all americans. it was almost a sacred time that we entered into and we're all suffering together and
7:19 am
resolved this -- to resolve this sense of hope if&future for the feeling. >> did you find the division and this is what it speaks to, the division of politics or religion? >> there was not a sense of division then and you remember the moments afterwards that went on, really and that was a sense we were all sharing the suffering together. unfortunately, if you look at the two legacies that have come out of those attacks and they have not brought healing or hope. one is the war. the war in iraq and afghanistan have gone on and on and seals to many of us pointless r there is no clear measure of victory or defeat. the enemy is a shadow enemy and we don't feel vindicated or that justice has been done. and the second is grouping. >> when we talk about the division or, i guess my
7:20 am
question is who did it feel like was the enemy and you said like this invisible enemy because now we see the burning of the q'uran. is it islam or the extremists? do we get the message mixed as we do with this preacher in florida wanting to burn the holy book s. he missing the point and do a lot of americans, in your opinion, miss the point of who the enemy is? >> i think it's unclear who the enemy is, but part of this problem comes from the lack of resolution and is this is where i go back to the second symbol, young. humans have a great need to memorialize and bury the dead. think of the gettysburg address. 4 1/2 months after the men die on the battlefields in pennsylvania. the town of gettysburg wanted to bury them and did but the whole nation gathered together and said we're going to make it a national cemetary and lincoln
7:21 am
went up 4 1/2 months later and delivered this memorable address and we have memorialized the address in the attacks and at the pentagon and in pennsylvania. the pentagon, we have a memorial, it's not unlike the memorial close by, arlington, we can move on and not ground zero. it's a gaping hole in the ground, it's a hole in our national site and there are mean reasons why it's difficult to move on, but they have failed to give us any sense of closure, and i think then you have imam faisel comes in and wants to build what he describes is a ymca and has been there for 25 years, doesn't see it as a memorial. others right or wrong, like pastor jones sees this as a desecration of holy ground. he said i'm going to desgreat something, the q'uran. >> that speaks directly to what bothers us, that the mosque would be built in the holy
7:22 am
ground? >> right. i don't think there would be an issue if the memorial was built there and this would have been soon as a community center or pastor, an imam taking care of his people and building a community center. >> unfortunately we have to end it there, he's the author of beauty for ashes, an attack of americans. and professor at mason university. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. coming up next, held in iran for more than a year. an american hockeyer is headed home. and beaver almost busted. -- why justin bieber's squeaky- clean image was almost ruined by a run-in with a state trooper during the maryland state fair. first, fancy felines from around the country are coming to the dallas exñ -- dulles expo center. we'll check in at the national cat show. an interesting cat there coming up.
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>> workers are trying to make
7:26 am
sense of a deadly rampage of a food kraft plant in philadelphia. a female employee who was suspended and escorted from the facility returned and shot three people 10 minutes later. two of the people died, the other is in critical condition. about 100 workers had to be evacuated, the suspect was captured an hour later still inside the plant. the iranian government agreed to free one of three american hikers. sarah shroud will be sent in an act of: emergency clemency to mark ramadan. it's not clear what will happen to the two men she was with when they were arrested and accused of spying. they said they didn't realize they crossed the border from iraq to iran. >> a federal judge in southern california has ruled the military's ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the judge said the government's don't-ask/don't-tell policy doesn't help military readiness and has a direct effect on the armed services.
7:27 am
the injunction was fought by the log cabin republicans and came o a midpromises that president obama would work to repeel the policy. we continue to follow a developing story out of california this morning. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the latest on this massive fire sparked by a gas pipe explosion. and as we go to break, a live look outside and checking in with tony with the latest forecast developed there perfect. >> looks nice out today. >> right. >> and feels good, too. >> and get the latest on traffic from julie. 7:27, we'll be right back. ceowo
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[music throughout] hi, home. i'm home. genuine glee. just $14.99
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and $79.99. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. ier this week, the president rolled out new proposal like tax breaks for businesses and $50 million for road, rail and airport projects. joining us now as always on a friday morning, chris wallace hosting fox news sunday. i hope you're able to get questions out about the economy without the q'uran controversy continuing to take over. >> reporter: we're going to -- . >> we're going to focus on the economy. when you have the secretary of defense, robert gates, calling a pastor in florida who has a congregation of 30 people, it's a remarkable story and i
7:31 am
suspect that we can't avoid it. it effects every american as the guests, we'll have newt gingrich and the from the president is going to announce his new chairman of the council of economic advisers, austin goolsby. >> we're going to focus on the economy and talk about what the president talked about before, some people questioning whether or not this is a new stimulous, the $50 billion. >> reporter: well, yeah, he has a conination, more spending for roads, runways and trains and like the movie, planes, trains and automobiles. $15billion has tax cuts for businesses to try to get them to invest more money. democrats or rather republicans say that it's too little, it's too late and it's an election year conversion when they in terrible trouble and my guess is that they not going to be in the hurry to give them a victory less than two months before the election, but we'll hear from the republicans and democrats on sunday. >> those of us here in the
7:32 am
beltway region are excited about sunday night and the nfl season when it officially starts in washington. the power player directly involved and you have mike shanahan. of course, chris, here, we're all interested in what the coach has to say. for a nationwide audience what, do you think the folks want to hear from coach shanahan? >> reporter: first of all, he's a national figure in the sense that if yew a football fan, everyone remembers him winning two consecutive super bowls with the denver broncos. i want to talk to him and did the interview a couple of days ago out of redskins park. how do you change the culture of the team? a business manager and coming in as a new ceo of a company. how do you take a 4-12 operation and turn it into a 4- 12 operation. one of them, amazingly enough, is that redskins park was dirty and it was run down and he said it didn't look like a championship building. i got to real quickly, steve, tell you that the highlights. we're all sitting around, the sports writers and me at the end of shanahan's daily briefing, he was going give me
7:33 am
our interview for 20 minutes and derek doctory, the left guard of the redskins. >> right. >> walks by and said i watch you, i watch you every week. i'm looking around like who is he talking to. it was me. a big sunday talk show fan and all the other sports writers were like oh, my god. >> here comes chris ruining the game for everybody. that is great. we look forward to you, chris. we'll see on you sunday morning. >> you bet, thank you. >> all right, and fox news sunday at 9:00 after fox 5 morning news and that is great he likens it to a corporation and football coaches don't get the parachutes that the ceos get when they come in to turn things around and they have a short life span. >> that is interesting what chris said that mike shanahan said. there that is where you start, clean the place up and get it looking good and that was the philosophy in new york city and with giuliani when he went --
7:34 am
and first thing we're going to do is clean the city up and that is the case. hopefully we'll see. >> wish them well. >> and -- you want to talk about, that, too right? >> starting with the redskins forecast, 90,000 fans heading to fed ex field on sunday afternoon and that came is -- game is at night. we're talking about the possibility of rain and i think there will be rain early in the guy -- day on sunday and for the redskins game sunday night, we think the skies are partly cloudy and it will be cool. the temperature around kickoff and around 73 degrees. you may have to towel off the seats. it will have rained during the day. i don't think that thait will be raining at game time. i have been mentioning all morning, go to my website, over the course of the weekend, we'll update the forecast so you will know what is going to happen at gametime and current temperatures around the region,
7:35 am
at 62 degrees and in the nation's capitol. most are in the 50s. we have another 60 in annapolis; 63 in stevensville. check out gaithersburg, 54; baltimore, 55; dulles, 54; monasses, 3848 degrees. a dropoff there and we'll see more folks in the 40s later on and satellite radar composite for the region, we have a couple of clouds -- clouds out there. looks great and a fantastic start to the day and a few clouds, mostly clear skies. we're precipitation free and will be today and tomorrow. the change comes when this comes in here and will by late saturday night, you will be late after midnight and you will encounter rain into the daytime hours on sunday and igov a tropical depression. lost some of his -- igor is a tropical depression, lost some of of his steam. we expect him to become a hurricane over the weekend and he's out to sea posing no
7:36 am
immediate threat to any landmass. this is the forecast for washington today, mostly sunny, comfortable and pleasant, a great day and fat is degrees for the high. go to lunch today and don't go back to work and this is your five-day forecast, another great day. 79 degrees for the high and lots of sunshine. sunday, the clouds and a possibility of showers and high about 78. monday and tuesday quiet and highs in the low 80 es. let's find out what is happening on the roads with julie wright. hey, gile. >> are you paying for lunch? >> you know what, no, no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that is because after people don't return to work, you will be paying people's salaries. >> that's right, i will have a bigger obligation. >> reporter: that's right, on the roads we're looking good and no incidents to report at the wilson bridge. the sunshine is a factor in the commute, especially off the inner loop. this is route 1 out of college park and to the gets of kenilworth avenue. the outer loop looks good to 95
7:37 am
and georgia and headed to university boulevard. travelling inbound south capitol street off of 2 of 92, you going to find lanes are open and the traffic is jammed off of 295 and south capitol street itself headed across the douglas bridge and the freeway. no trouble spots to report inbound new york avenue and to bladensburg road and the third street tunnel, expect traffic on 50 to be jammed up out of riverdale to cheverly. that is a check in of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the latest weather and traffic updates any time and links for more information about our ask app for your blackberry and droid phone g to a massive fire south of san francisco, california, being blamed on a possible gas line explosion. the utility company said the high pressure gas line blew after 6:00 p.m. yesterday sparking the fire that so far killed one person and burned more than a dozen homes and forced more than three residents to evacuate.
7:38 am
the witnesses say they heard a large explosion and saw flames everywhere. at this point, the fire is 50% contained. coming up on fox 5 morning news, the planned q'uran burning protest in florida has been suspended, perhaps. we're going look closer at the impact of the controversial protest with the president of the foundation for defensive democracy coming up in our next hour. plus. kennedy the weather dog is playing a -- quiet confidence about this weekend's matchup with the cowboys. you see, he's strutting his stuff. doesn't have to go -- . >> oh, no. >> and he's wearing his pride. >> there is some subtle swagger going on there. >> dave ross joins us to break down the season opener coming up next. mmmm.
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>> 7:41 right now. the redskins kick off a 2010 season sunday night versus the
7:42 am
absolutely hated cowboys. >> did you just honk in your car right now? >> my horn doesn't work anymore. it will be the first game action for mcnabb since the second preseason game and the third game in a row that mcnabb has faced and dave rose joins us now with more. before we get started? yes. >> i have something for you. >> what do you have? cue it up. >> oh, my god s it lady gaga? >> and an unfortunate conversation earlier. >> i want to know about did you conduct the draft while you were at lady gaga. i think the people want to know that, steve. did it happen? that is how i got stuck with tony romo and felix jones. with all the cowboys to score and lose. >> and you deserve them for going to the lady gaga concert. >> this music describes our work relationship. things are not going well, dave. >> well-played, sir. no harping on you and lady gaga. >> please. >> one guy to give you credit to? >> dan snider. >> we never give credit to him. you know why we have to?
7:43 am
he was man enough to say we have to blow it up and admitted the jim zorn hiring was a mistake. >> i don't remember that. >> and he went out and did something. i didn't think he would do. hired a gm in bruce allen and that was the first sign to me that the redskins are serious about winning and not just making money. i think for the first time in a long time, there is a lot of hope and write ritefully so. and i thought it was interesting what mike wallace said, the way he changed the culture. when you do that again, it starts with dan snider. give him credit, people and that is not something people do around this town often. at least he put the pieces in place and the right ones in place to make that happen. >> you need the players, though. >> that's right. >> still need the players to make it happen. >> yeah. >> and one is clinton portis.
7:44 am
as we're saying, do we want to continue the old with the new approach? where does clinton portis fit in? >> and this is -- he's 29 years old, the running backs in this league and when they slip away. the eighth game of the year and got knocked out with a concussion and the upside was that he got to safe his legs. he ran in the zone offense with shanahan the first years in denver and was a flat-out stud. if you could get three quarters, wow, this is -- the team might take off and this is clinton portis. >> we remember from 2004. >> that's right. >> and i don't know if we will see that. if we get the power back, he could be a 1200-yard rusher and that might translate to 9 and 10 wins. i think the red skins against
7:45 am
the cowboys have an advantage and that trent williams is a rookie and that is where clinton portis comes into play there. if you can get him to hold his luck, i think cp can run wild. >> okay. >> that is not factual. >> i digress. >> yes. >> as you would say. one think this we have not talked about is the actual matchup against the cowboys and how dot skins matchup now? >> i think mcnabb is the biggest part of the new look and you mentioned it there that this is the third time in a row he played that and this is ironic and saw a lot of blitzing last year and the first game of the play-offs and that is what they're going to try to do. he has an injured ankle. >> yeah. >> and he is fine and going to
7:46 am
play. and you don't want to give a guy like mcnabb a lot of time to survey the field and you want to make a quick read and that is what they're going to do and gets back to clinton a, are the -- exhibit a, clinton portis. >> and if i'm kyle shan han? >> yeah. >> throw the bomb out of the gate. >> and seems like an old pittsburgh guy. >> and before we toss it baca toallison andtony? yeah. >> and i am going to go on record and i think the redskins are laying in wait. >> come on now! >> and redskins win the cowboys. i really do. >> wow! >> i can't wait to replay this on monday morning and thank you so much, tony. back to you. >> wow, that is great. >> that is a big step. >> and that is great. >> yeah. >> and it is, dave. >> and with a 9-part program or
7:47 am
something. >> you're usually im i'm partial. >> right. >> and until that moment, i thought he and steve were going to come to firsty cuffs. >> my money is on ross, anyway. let's do it. >> andwill show you, listen, we need some rain and that looks like we're going to get some. not today or tell, but some good days and we have had 18 straight days with no measurable rain and that is 18 straight days and for the month of september, we're down at least an inch and for the year at reagan national and it's been dry out there and will we see rain soon? depends on your definition of soon. not seeing it today or tomorrow and right now, we have mostly clear skies and looks fantastic out there and that is a pleasant start to the day. the rainfall is to the west and look at the surface map. a couple of frontal systems come through and an area of low
7:48 am
pressure will track through and that high pressure is in control. by late, late saturday night and sunday morning and into possibly the early afternoon, we'll get some rain showers moving through our region and finally, you know, we need the rain. this is the five-day forecast, spectacular days today and tomorrow, highs in the upper 70s, lots of sunshine and sunday, clouds, and we think the rain is out of there and monday and tuesday look to be nice days. the temperatures in the low 80s and above normal with plenty of sunshine. there you go, not a bad forecast. >> and if we could get julie wright to sign on. >> and let's go of her another chance. >> come on, girl. >> said to me now, he is dead to me. >> oh, okay. >> come on! >> and he's in the 757. i can't believe he did that to me. >> what will it take? >> i don't know who dave ross is anymore. [ laughter ] >> i know dave feldman, that is
7:49 am
who i know. southbound 270 out of rockville, the lanes are open and no accidents to report. bumper-to-bumper as you continue to work towards the lane divide. you will find overall traffic at 118 and germantown and again, leaving gaithersburg. the outer loop side on georgia and the inner loop, route 1 college park read -- headed around to the metro and 395 is heavy, slow and steady across the potomac. that is a check of your fox 5
7:50 am
on-time traffic. >> thank you, julie. cats, cats from all over the country in the d.c. area this weekend in shan telly. >> that's right, holly is at
7:51 am
the dulles expo center with more now. good morning. interesting looking cats you're showing us. >> they all look so different and each have their own personality. this is coming up.
7:52 am
we're talking about the top cats in the country. of course, if you ever owned a cat, you know -- in the country. telling you you should be a part of the feline fun.
7:53 am
coming up next. stay with us. >> we talk period about cats, not just and -- we talked about cats, not just any old cats. they're going to be in town for
7:54 am
the national cat show. >> holly is getting a look at the special guest. and some with fur, others with no fur at all. >> reporter: exactly, they come with all fur levels and are not perfect. and thanks for laughing. this is a big show, a big deal
7:55 am
and yew right. it's the 30th year for the national cat show and that is with a great honor that i get to introduce you, one of the original founders and king curly at the beginning as well. good morning to both of you.
7:56 am
>> good morning. >> reporter: clearly, you started something good. >> i hope so. >> reporter: and it's grown a lot in 30 years. >> oh, a tremendous amount.
7:57 am
>> how many are coming out? >> almost 400. >> 400 pedigree cats, right? and how do cat competitions work? each has a brief standard and we judge them according to that
7:58 am
standard and rank them as to those who need it the host. -- most. >> and is this the best? yes, this is national capitol that is a stepping off point for many cats hoping to have
7:59 am
winds and with young lady was here last year for some returning viewers and came here hoping and praying to do well. she was a champion at that point and came out of the show
8:00 am
with over 400 grand points, more than twice the number needed and she went on to begin her show career. she ended up being our best cat in the southern region.
8:01 am
>> really? that is a superstar we're looking at. >> indeed. >> and what else do you have? tell me more. i know sometime when is people watchdog show competition or
8:02 am
animal competition, looks like the judges go by quickly and how you can really -- >> been around since 1906. we recognize 41 different breeds. each, as she said, each has
8:03 am
their own written standard and it's subjective judging and in a set of competition. we have three classes, kittens, premiers. >> uh-huh. >> and our championship class. and they're all in competition
8:04 am
for the ultimate goal of being named best in the show. >> we have other winners here? >> we do, we have a 12-year-old light oriental that was a highest-scoring cat in 1999.
8:05 am
>> beautiful. >> and this is plain white wrapper. >> u -- plain white wrapper and this is one of the stepping off points and bam a national. the second best cat in the
8:06 am
country. >> wow, a lean thing. >> and he is. the oriental is one of the breeds that we accepted in 1979. >> he looks regal, i'm telling you.
8:07 am
>> he knows it, too. >> and -- >> that is why we love them so much. and jammy is an artist -- jamie is an artist and we're going reveal the art work for the cat-
8:08 am
a log cover. you can layoff at that. are we ready? >> we're ready. >> introducing pearl and diamonds. >> oh. they represent the cat and
8:09 am
the founders of the show, donna jean thompson and mark hammond. they're persians. >> yeah. >> and is this the first time you have seen it? >> yes. and this is an emotional moment
8:10 am
for you. >> yes. >> i am so sorry. >> don't be sorry. oh, my gosh. >> and pearls and diamonds, the gift of the national cat show.
8:11 am
>> oh, my gosh. it's gorgeous. >> the cat show, who knew it could be so emotional. [ laughter ] >> you better believe that. >> thank you very much.
8:12 am
okay, listen. is our website, we have a link to the national capitol cat show going on this weekend saturday and send. in the next hour, we'll continue to talk about all that is the show and including young
8:13 am
people getting involved, talking about junior showmanship and let donna have her monmoment. >> -- have her moment. >> i understand. >> thanks, hole. 7:56 on this friday
8:14 am
morning. coming up after 8, we'll look at other family-friendly weekend events coming up. and we'll check in with jack diamond. our friend jack is celebrating
8:15 am
his 20th anniversary with mix 107.3. >> stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. >> a california neighborhood
8:16 am
devastated by an explosion and fire overnight. there are reports of three people dead in more than 50 homes destroyed and the fire is still not contained. is it on or off.
8:17 am
24 hours ago, a florida pastor was planning to burn q'urans on 9/11 and 12 hours ago cancelled the plans but right now that is up in the air. and justin bieber almost
8:18 am
arrested at the maryland state fair. find out what he did that had the police directly involved. good morning, thanks for watching fox 5 morning news this friday. i'm steve cheveney.
8:19 am
>> i'm allison seymour. it has to do with water and police officers. >> think about it and the fact that he's 16. speaking of water, we want to let you know we're under a
8:20 am
drought watch because of a lack of water and the drought coordination committee is calling on everybody to conserve water and asking you to eliminate how much you water
8:21 am
your lawn and use commercial car washes that recycle and reduce your showers to under five minutes, at least until we get rain in the area. >> and tony's here now and i am sure that is in your wonderful
8:22 am
forecast. you'll tell us what we expect rain. >> we'll expect rain late saturday night and into sunday. i don't know if that is a lot of rain and we're down for the
8:23 am
year almost six inches. any any rain is useful rain at this point and the area airports, currently dry, of course, and the temperature is 62 degrees at reagan national
8:24 am
and dulles international, 54 degrees; bwi marshal is at 55 degrees at this hour and a cool, comfortable start to the day and humidity levels are low and this is the satellite
8:25 am
radar, no precipitation and don't expect any until after midnight on saturday. saturday night into sunday morning, that is and there are a few clouds here and there and our skies are mostly clear and
8:26 am
that is how it will be for today. the day planner today, mild and mostly sunny by far, comfortable humidity levels and a nice day. looking for a high in the upper
8:27 am
70s, not bad at all and more details on that forecast coming up in just a bit. >> tony, thank you. and let's check the roads. >> reporter: travelling down south at the wilson bridge, the
8:28 am
lanes are open with no incidents reported. 295 traffic is in good shape and north of the beltway and slowing to the inbound 11th street bridge and you're going
8:29 am
to find the outer loop congestion, 95 around the georg 270 and not looking bad on the of -- out of germantown and that is where we have the volume delays out of
8:30 am
gaithersburg and to 370. again, as you approach the lane divide. for those travelling in on 66. heavy volume continues to 123 and nuttily street to the we have a correction to make to a story that fox 5 reported last night at 5 and 10:00 p.m. we were reporting on a 15-year-
8:31 am
old justin pinole who you see here. he died after being shot on center avenue on tuesday night. during the reports last night, we mistakenly showed a photo of another boy who was not the victim and not involved with this story in any way. we apologize to his family for that error. >> all righty. 8:30. and look at the stories making headline. metro is pulling 99 buses from service as a precaution after a fire broke out on a bus on the beltway yesterday. the fire was quickly put out and no one was hurt. metro is inspecting 99 of the 10-year-old ryan 4 diesel buses. the agency wants to see if hydraulic pumps may have caused that fire. it's 8:31 and light check in with gwen tolbert. >> a cool start yesterday as well and this morning, steve. going to warm up. current temperatures, we have 63 degrees at national airport.
8:32 am
57 degrees at gathersberg; 63 at frederick and 61 degrees at monasses and going to the mid- atlantic, 61 degrees for boston and new york, 62 degrees and 62 to the south at richmond. we have dry conditions sticking around for 18 days with no rain and take a look at the monthly totals so far. we're in a deficit and we desperately need to get rainfall here. look at the numbers. the good news is north nature's going to -- mother nature's going give us a little bit of rain. we're going to see it. the clear skies right now with just a few clouds over the area into the course of the morning. but, we have wet weather. the remnant effects of what was hermine right here and pushing its way gradually to the mid- atlantic and we have a cold front and that frontal system is sweeping through as we go into the forecast the next 24 hours or so and the remnants of that system are going to get caught up in this frontal system as this pushes towards us and that will set us up for
8:33 am
some rainfall as we move through, looks like saturday night overnight into the early part of sunday and the weekend is not a total washout. if you have outdoor plans but we expect to see maybe at least a quarter of an inch of rain or so and mostly sunny, comfortable and pleasant, 78 degrees and a few clouds, the five-day forecast shows you that by sunday, once again, keep the umbrella handy. steve and allison, back to you. >> thank you a lot. we can't mention that today is finally friday. >> yes. >> and if you're looking for something to do this weekend, our weekend events expert found some great things going on around the area. here he is. >> reporter: we have a lot of fun things going on this weekend. my first event is a yard park grand opening going down in southeast d.c. the celebration will have some live music, a beer garden for adults and trapeze school. something you probably don't want to mix with the beer. the fun starts this afternoon and goes through sunday and this event is free. my second event is the virginia
8:34 am
indian festival, going this saturday at river bend park in great falls. it will feature indian dressing and drumming and they will learn how to build a canoe and shoot an error. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., adults are $8 and kids are $5. the seventh annual d.c. short film festival kicked up yesterday and will be going this weekend through next thursday and during the week, they will screen everyone in short films and 9 rotating showcases and that are each two hours. my last event is another free one, going on at the national harbor insect mania. 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. stop by this week and learn more about the event. we're here at the national children's museum launch zone at the national harbor, linda, thanks for having us. >> thank you for coming. >> tell me about insect mania? >> we're going to have so much
8:35 am
fun. we have some live hissing cockroaches. the children can pet. we have crickets, we have some tarantula malts and you can get to see what a real tarantula looks like. >> and you have special guests? >> we do, we have special guests from cirque du soleil. they doing an oval performance. some of the performance will be out here. we're going to have a still the walker and a face painter and some other performers. >> speaking of interacting, we can interact with the insects in. >> absolutely. >> there is no reason to be nervous. these are madagascar hissing cockroaches. >> okay. >> and they are really, really cool and we're trying to get parents and children over that yuck factor. >> and here we go. you can see they're the largest cockroaches in the world. >> okay. >> and that a great way to get
8:36 am
kids interested in nature and science and we want people to get over the reaction. >> yeah. >> and -- >> i will try it once more. >> thank you. >> and oh, my goodness, look at that. >> there we go. >> i have it here. >> and don't let it get away. >> and that gets them every time, for more g to >> thank you, my friend. >> you're good. if you don't want to go out, tune in. the special telecast, called stand up to cancer. there are a lot of big names. the cancer survivors including lance armstrong, christina amplegate, michael c. hall. they're working with other celebrities to raise awareness and millions to fight the disease. the past two telecasts, they have done this a couple of times, raised over $200 million for cancer research. >> okay. >> and catch it tonight. airs at 8 here on fox 5. >> and that is an illness that touched each and every one of
8:37 am
us. you may have watched the real housewives of d.c. last night. we're going to talk about all of the drama here in town. and imagine eating nothing but twinkies and nutty bars and another high-calorie, high-fat food. i imagine this often. one guy is doing it and he's actually losing weight. >> come on now. >> that is what he says. we'll have the story come when we come back. now i'm itching -- muchy. i'm imagining a cockroach. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
8:38 am
that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a tuesday. pillsbury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. finding what you love makes you happy...
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saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ >> it's new 8:40 on this friday morning. a nasty computer virus hit the web and among the victims, nasa, comcast and goggle. the department of homeland security may have been hit. it came in the form of an e- mail with the subject here you have. and if you click on the link inside, a program is launched and sends that e-mail and the virus to everybody in your address book. if you get it, delight it. don't open it. the virus monitoring companies like mcafee and symantec are investigating. staying on the web now. new data shows web surfers in the united states are spending more time socializing on facebook be that searching with
8:41 am
google. americans spend more than 41 million minutes on facebook. 41million minutes were spent on google, youtube and other content sites. americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. only 32% of adults ate the recommended two servings of fruit a day and over a quarter of americans ate vegs and a diet high in fruits and vegetables can eliminate death. a man is living on high-fat food like twinkies and donuts and some foods that are regarded as nutritious are unhealthy and is maintaining 1800 calories a day. so far, professor hob has lost seven pounds and intends to
8:42 am
follow this up with a weight gain experiment. this is my thing. >> yeah. >> the amount of it? >> that is the key. >> the key. >> 1800-calories is 1800. i don't than that is fair. >> over the short-term, you're probably going to lose the weight. >> sure. >> of course, you won't -- . >> bloody gums and breaking your hair off if you don't have -- . >> perhaps. >> i'm just saying. >> what you're saying. >> okay. >> and that will be interesting to follow up. >> yeah. >> he's on the other side. >> you're right in moderation is the key. >> sure. 8:42. >> and i have a lot to say today. >> and -- >> for the rest of us. [ laughter ] >> we're going to talk reality tv out and we'll have her share and share the stage with other reality tv junkies as we follow up the real housewives of d.c. from last night. >> we're going to have a wrap- up next. good morning. >> and was there a cat fight or the were the ladies being catty? >> i have cats on the brain. we're live where they're ready for the national capitol cat show coming up from face-
8:43 am
painting to kids and caps. we're going show you where this is a show for the whole family live next. stay with us. 
8:44 am
man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> you may have heard that water b -- bieber almost got arrested. he was throwing water balloons and one made contact, i.e., hit a state trooper who was on control for crowd control and the angry cop was able to slap the cuffs on him and the bodyguard made piece. a spokesman called the behavior inappropriate by bieber, but no further action will be taken against him. if you want real drama, we have to turn things over to allison. >> and you know that is right. there was real drama and from
8:47 am
93.9. >> good morning. >> and this producer here and hello. >> yeah. >> hello. >> i couldn't wait until last night when there was an -- he alluded to the fbi about a bomb to marry and -- >> to facebook. >> okay. >> and this is what he was talking about. light show the clip of this week when he revealed was talking about. >> who did it? are you saying her daughter did it? >> she was a part of it. >> so you are directly implicating my daughter? >> the fbi has been investigating this. >> the fbi? >> and they were monitoring to the last six months. and we e-mail every conversation. >> and -- >> you're telling me the fbi is monitoring polo theft? >> okay, now what jason is
8:48 am
talking about there, he is saying that mary's daughter lolly, was involved with a stealing of a $90,000 vehicle and polo gear from the america's cup. >> right. event. >> and this is -- mary's like what? she's in tears. let me start with you. what is succinct when it was building up and the bomb shell. what were you think something. >> one too many drinks. i'm saying her -- with donor with you and hubby. >> right. >> &you and the daughter stole my car. >> right. >> and you're like excuse me? what is going and is it true. >> right. >> and when you were looking at it, to my, it was the frenzied thing. >> drama off the bat and the only thing is he was so drunk, he said monitoring instead of monitoring and i'm like okay, you know what? here's a bogus story, go for it. >> right. >> and i love how stacy and
8:49 am
jason went into defense mode. >> yeah. >> and they questioned and were saying do you realize what you're saying, tarrick. you're blasting her body. >> right. >> and speechless, trying to digest the information. >> right. >> and you're putting -- >> right? >> okay, so, good parents do what they -- as they did. they checked yet out and didn't believe loli because she was the daughter and they called the police and turns out she's in the clear and this is a conversation at home at mary's house. >> apparently all they have is a comment she made on facebook of a friend's pictures. >> and i made the calls to the fbi to see if it was a crime. >> yeah. >> and i couldn't find anything with her name in it in any police jurisdiction within a hundred miles of where this allegedly took place. >> yeah. >> this heinous crime being investigated by the fbi. yeah, this all -- . >> made up?
8:50 am
it's all made up. >> how unfortunate. >> right. >> and good for them. they did their homework. >> that's right. >> and cleared the air for the daughter. shame on the salahis. you can see them go ago they really are crazy. oh, oh. at their house having dinner. >> right. >> and we can't leave without talking about cat. this moment is when cat and reno oranges, the big lobbyist here in town. they had the lunch about healthcare and cat goes and you can see, she's not afraid to express her opinions. >> not at all. >> and she comes to a private party dressed as this woman. check it out. >> oh, my gosh, sarah palin, is that a joke? >> i think. >> cat has balls of stool. i think -- balls of steve.
8:51 am
you think sarah palin would have made a good vice president. yes, and the look on cat's face, she couldn't believe it and is to show her stance, she came dressed -- . >> and i wouldn't believe ed win, or whatever, i heard them pronounce it two different base. christina would point this out. >> yes. >> this is the producers at work. why would edwina. -- [ indiscernible ] >> saying edwia. >> it was planned out. >> sure. >> and showed up as sarah palin and has everything. within the hours, because her daughters were getting ready and shy had the laminated alaska tab. >> right. >> and that is so made up. >> and cat was on point. never hold her tongue. >> yeah. >> and she was like look, i don't believe in anything you are doing, the movement and i am going to be honest with you who i am. college the night ends with
8:52 am
edwina on a gurney. we'll find out what happened to her next week. it's getting heated, steve. over to you. >> and -- >> i want you to know i have been monitoring your activity lately. >> okay. >> and we'll have a sitdown. this morning, getting up close and personal as we continue the casting with some fancy cats. hi, holly. >> hey, steven. you love cats, come to the show. if you think you might want one, you need to come to the show. if you want to look like one, come to the show and that is where aunt lawrence is and she's turning an already beautiful girl into a more gorgeous cat, um, you also do some really good work with cat rescue. >> yes, we do and with fancy cats out of herndon, virginia. >> you're going have an adoption event here this weekend? >> yes. >> who makes for a good cat parent?
8:53 am
>> anyone really caring about the cats and is willing to learn how to take care of them. >> i'll tell you who makes for a good cat paren, that is these two kids here with me and i'm going to let jen get made up and come here and check in with ben lofton and ken curly our judge. hi, ben. >> hi. >> how did you get into this, showing cats? >> i just saw, i just went to a cat show because we were getting our cat from a breeder. >> uh-huh. >> and we -- then i saw -- then i said we're going to -- the people were judging and i thought it looked really interesting. >> your cat looks interesting. >> can you tell me about the cat in. >> she's -- . >> this is -- her name is aaron go brath. >> i love when a judge comes in and helps. >> and then that is part of our
8:54 am
junior showmanship and he's doing an evaluation on aaron. one of the things we look for is a pot belly, they look like they just finished eating dinner. i love the crank eel -- wrinkles. >> they have a lot of character. >> yes, they do. >> are they low maintenance because they have no hair? they are kind of a hassle, you have to clean their ears and -- >> oh, right. >> and give them a bath. >> because of the lack of hey, they don't have that hair to absorb the oils from the body. they require a periodic bathing and ear clipping. >> the cat is having a good time, i swear and let's change out cats and let jim come over here and bring us hers. how about getting your face painted. is that cool? uh-huh. >> that might be less stressful. ben's having a good time.
8:55 am
all right, what do you have here? another hairless cat, huh? yeah. >> how did you get into this? >> well, i used to have this other cat and she died and my dad, the cat -- is allergic to cats and they were nice but we wanted a different kind of cat, so we decided to go to this -- and have a good pep mentor, miss kimberly. >> very good, what a great story. and you can put it there to see the nice bling? what do you thrown hope to get out of this this period being in. >> i want to be a good sport and have the experience and i want my cat and my cat is a beautiful cat and i want my cat to be shown. >> this is a beautiful cat and you're a beautiful pair. >> thank you. >> we have a link to the national cat show going on this
8:56 am
weekend, saturday and sunday at the dulles expo center. in the next hour, we're going to show you more things they have to offer. cat agility and that is live in our 9:00 hour. meanwhile, fox 5 morning news continues after the break. stay with us. o
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> coming up on the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news, this is a look at the stories we'll follow for you. a sudden boom and continuing roar this morning block after block of homes destroyed after a gas line explosion in california. more than 50 homes blown a part and daylight is just beginning to show the extent of the disaster. we'll have the latest. >> amazing pictures from california. and we know driving while distracted might be deadly. you'll be surprised how easily your attention westbound taken from the road. gurvir will take a driving test while distracted live on the air this morning.
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